COVID-19 Information

COVID 19 Update - 12th February 2021

Due to the Lockdown effective from midnight on 12th Feb 2021, we will be returning to contactless consults until this current lockdown is lifted. No clients will be permitted inside the building. Masks are required for all interactions with our staff even when outside. 

Here is a quick refresher of our contactless consults procedure:

1. Please call us as soon as you arrive at the clinic and wait outside with your pet. 

2. A team member will come and collect your pet and take it to the vet to examine. Please keep your phone handy. 

3. The vet will call and discuss any findings and treatment recommendations. The vet will then treat your pet. 

4. A team member will return your pet to you while you are still waiting outside. Payment can be made outside also. 

Please note that for end of life care, we do have an outside yard that can be used so an owner can be present. Please contact our clinic to discuss if this is required. 

We assure you that we are doing everything we can to continue to care for your pets in the safest way possible for both our team and the community. Please be patient with us as we continue to navigate through this frustrating time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.